Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Instruction Letter

So Monday afternoon we received the approval in the mail. Now we have to wait for another letter with instructions on what Chucho needs to do. I called the 703 and 202 Visa phone numbers to check on the status today though and the 703 since the approval is in their system that the instruction letter should be on the way.
He also said that all he needs to do is head to CDJ and re-do his medical and after receiving the results-send them in with his passport, and instruction letter via DHL. After sending it in all there is to do is wait for the VISA to arrive in the mail.

So all that's holding us up from moving forward is waiting for the instruction letter. I did see on a CDJ discussion forum where some women had just went to the consulate information window and requested a new one be printed out rather than wait for it...I'm just afraid we would send him up there though and they would say they couldn't do it..

So now we're waiting for the instruction letter and then he can head up to the border!

Monday, June 6, 2011



It seems unreal. I contacted the Senator since I hadn't received the approval yet in the mail and in turn she contacted D.C. where they confirmed that 'yes, we are in fact approved'!!

Now I feel like we can start to live life like a family should!
I am so happy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm trying to think positive. Actually, to be completely honest,I'm not thinking positive... I've tried to not even think about the decision at all and just go on about my daily business. Because no matter what the anwser is that's what I'll have to deal with...So um, no, I'm not thinking positive...And I'm not thinking negative...I'm not thinking Nada.

So I'm listening to 'Someday' by Tegan and Sara and not thinking about it..Except a little. Haha. And I've felt a little today like I want to do something totally out of norm like cut all my hair off, dye it a weird color, or get a random/weird tatt or something totally odd and unexpected....Something that a couple years ago would have been expected because it was so unexpected. Make sense?

Anyway...Waiting today for the mail to come...Camped out on the couch watching for the mailman for over an hour..I wouldn't dare even expect him until 2 at least because if it's not Friday then he's not super-excited to do his work, I suppose, and shows up pretty darn late. So I waited and waited and then barely managed to slip the sandals on before running to the box only to discover letter after letter after letter to my uncle.

So that was today. Good day. Oh and then Ashley-bob came over tonight-that made it much much better. :) Nothing like a good friend around to listen/listen to. Real true good friends are just un-comparable.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Songs to people

I know this sounds crazy but...

There's some songs that just go with certain people. And when I see those people those certain songs play in my head.

A couple songs off the top of my head that play to some people that I see sometimes:

Dig by Incubus
Maps by Yeah yeah yeahs

Does everyone else have songs in their head that go to certain people????????


Today I talked to the lady who works for Senator Alexander and she said she had received an email from Immigration stating that an anwser had been made on Chucho's case on Wednesday, April 25th.
I'm anxious!

IF he gets approved it is possible he could be back within the month.
IF he doesn't get approved,however, we've decided to appeal in which case he could be backlogged again and there is the possibility of it taking another 2 years or so..What a mess!

Hope it comes today!

I have called both the 202 and 703 numbers yesterday and today and they still say pending so obviously my letter will come before they will give me an anwser..

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Peace- Freedom from disturbance; Tranquility.

People are always talking about world peace and it always seems to go along with conversation related to war. I've just been thinking that to me it seems as though the anwser is that if we really and truly hate drama and hate conflict and hate negative emotions so much then maybe peace is just reaching a sense of acceptance inside ourselves.
Like, it starts on the individual level.

Acceptance that sometimes things are going to not go the way we desire.
Acceptance that sometimes we are not going to get what we know we deserve as equal humans to everyone else.
Acceptance that no matter how hard most of us work, we will always have someone more successful, more powerful, more attractive, or smarter than us.

Anyway, just my thoughts as obviously my life is not going as I would choose for it to but hey THAT'S LIFE! And I would LOVE to have some things be different then they currently are but I'm doing all I can do to help make sure that happens and that's all I can do!
My mama always said "Just do your best and that's all I can expect of you" And I think that's all we can expect of ourselves. And everything else we just have to accept and hand over to a higher power. And then we can really feel peace.

Anyway, just my thoughts this past week...

Monday, May 16, 2011


10 minutes after I left from visiting Mammaw at the nursing home today, we got a call saying she had been trying to get out of the wheelchair and fell over with it. She managed to come out with some bruises but thankfully no internal problems. We brought her home after that. She is so happy to be back. In her words-"I am just so blessed. I didn't think I would ever get to come home. I am so blessed to have children and grandchildren that love me."


Couldn't help but be a little frustrated as the home (like our local schools as my sister pointed out) is under-staffed and over-populated. Just glad she's home now!!


Since going through all this immigration stuff I have been active in a couple different groups of tons of people that are separated from a loved one for immigration reasons. This past week I've just really appreciated all the support and realized what a huge difference it makes in my own attitude to realize I'm not alone and there are people that really and truly understand.

In these groups there have been posts the past couple days of sudden deportation but there are also others who may be reunited with a spouse after years of separation. My heart goes out to all you out there that are going through your own personal journey with different problems that have arisen because of the current immigration process.

Thanks so much for all the support.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately about how someone could make it through their adult life and be super sneaky, lie constantly to others and even to themselves. I really am not sure how an individual could keep themselves from growing emotionally, spiritually, and even morally while they watch others make changes to their lives that create better relationships and lifestyle options. I'm sure we all know someone who constantly fibs about little things and have even mastered the art of being sneaky about it....even to the point where they appear to nearly everyone like the sweetest, most genuine individual around! After getting to know one of these individuals quite well, I can say I am just SO happy to be myself. I may not be the prettiest, best cook, or even too shy and awkward sometimes but at least I am genuinely myself! And at least when I am alone I am still the same person (except maybe less awkward ha)

I just really really really hate sneakiness and people who are super fake.

So here is a note to all you fakies- It may seem like the person you're presenting yourself to be is way more amazing than the person you really are..This is not, however, true. Be yourself. How are you supposed to fix your flaws if you keep covering them up?? Seriously, let's make some progress. Stop lying, fishing for compliments by attempting to appear humble, fibbing in your unrealistic show of looking like the most honorable spouse and parent, sneakily throwing in your little bragging comments in conversation, and manifesting your jealousy in unhealthy choices.
Time to grow up.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Courses

Registered for summer courses! Will be taking Algebra, American History,and Public Speaking. Not exactly sure how public speaking works web-based....Should be interesting.

I've really started to enjoy school. Actually look forward to my homework for some classes. Ha, whatta dork,huh!?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Strong Ladies

With Mother's Day it had me thinking about what kind of mother/female I want to be. My Grandmother and mother are amazing (and STRONG!) women who haven't ever let anyone stop them from achieving their dreams. Would love to try and be half the women they have been.
Some things I admire that have let me know they're such wonderful mothers/females-
If someone can smoke 2-3 packs of cigs a day and then just one day decide to throw them out the window and quit forever.
If someone can lose every single person that is close to them and still manage a smile or chuckle every now and then.
If someone tries to chase down a cow when they are in their 70s and ends up punching it in order to try and make it move.
If someone goes back to school in their 40s (after raising 5 kids) because she knows you're never too old for education. And finish a bachelors and masters degree.
If someone can stay home with 5 kids and not go insane and still raise them to be productive members of society.
If someone can tell you how lucky and 'blessed' they are as if no tragedy has ever struck them. When in reality, they have seen sadness like no other.
If someone can put up with the stress kids sometimes manage to put on their mothers.

I love my Grandma and Mom. Salute to all you strong Moms/women out there!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sometimes I just daydream about when we will be able to buy a house and make it a home..What colors for the couch, curtains, bedspread..What brand of pots and pans I would like..What theme for the babies' room..etc,etc,etc..

I am somewhat angry that we both do our best to be good people, good parents, good friends, etc and we can not even have a home for the babies. Even more frustrating is that the reason we don't have this ability is because I have married a man who is SO honest and good-hearted that in an attempt to fix a mistake he previously made, we have been separated indefinably. (And furthermore a mistake that actually didn't even originate from a selfish bone in his body) And the ending result from this drawn-out attempt?-That we can not even have a stable home for our two little babies who deserve everything in the world. I
hate it.

In all honesty-I would love to even have an old junker to fix up...Curtains, a couch, kitchenware, towels, siding, flooring, etc...I would really really love that. I think if we were parents who didn't put much into being parents, I may would feel different..But we aren't parents who go out and party or even would go on dates and leave the babies with a babysitter..Ever. From day one we have given it our all to provide a morally and emotionally stable environment for the kiddos..And it is so infuriating to feel like there are such unreasonable boundaries to the provisions we have the ability to give to Orlando and Dyana. ESPECIALLY when I can honestly say Chucho is the most hard-working individual I have ever met.
I really do not like feeling helpless when it comes to what I can give our little family. Geez, we don't/never have wanted a hand-out. I would love if we just had the ability to work to have a home. And the way for this to be achieved is for my husband to be back here with his wife and children-where he should be.

Yes, he made a mistake in his attempt to come to the United States as an illegal alien. Yes, it was the only option at the time for survival for his family but he/I want to fix it. Yes, we have begged through a lot of paperwork and letters for forgiveness. We have shown he has a clear record and no addictions and would/did prove to be an asset rather than a liability to our wonderful country. What more can we do? We need him back here with us.

(In continuation of my rant...)Tonight I was watching this show called Cops and Coyotes..Obviously by the name it most likely is not the best option for something to watch right now if attempting to be even somewhat of a positive individual...If I am ever able to watch that show again it will be a long long long time from now. I found myself very critical of everything being said.

Anyway...I'm going through one of these week-or-so frustrated modes so I should probably end this here..!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What to do...?

I really feel kind of lost without Mammaw to watch every day...Like I don't know what to do..

She really is what makes me get up every morning and get going and out of the house..Now I feel like there's no body to cook dinner for, no one to look forward to seeing, and no reason to leave the house unless there's an errand to run..(not that I cooked dinner for her but I was in a habit of doing that for Chucho until he left..) Like, those are the things that keep the day moving..Now days just seem pretty long I guess without anything to move it forward...If that makes sense..

I miss her..!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mammaw Update

As of today, Mammaw is doing somewhat good. She says that I must have just gotten scared and called the Ambulance because she most certainly did not have a heart attack. Haha.
As she most certainly did not have a heart attack, they are having a hard time keeping her flat for the 48 hours or whatever after the splint was put in. The doctors tried sedatives but they made no impact. As of last night, she had to have restraints put on as she doesn't know where she is or why she is there but she does NOT like it! She is very disoriented and they were up all night trying to keep her calm..Mikey says this is normal with Alzheimer patients..

Instead of picturing her like that I like to remember when her hands smelled like bleach because she was always cleaning so much...And when I was 14 or 15 and would love to play the Tennessee Waltz on her piano because she loved it and would sing while she was cleaning, cooking, etc..Or when I was little and we loved to share a can of jalapeno cheese dip with a bag of Doritos and she would crush up chips in the last bit of dip so I could eat it with a fork. Or when her and I would rake her leaves up at the double wide and she would tell Mama how good I was at it and it made me want to make her proud.....
I like to picture those times because who she is now isn't really her..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today was the longest day ever.

Around 1:00 Mammaw laid down on the couch and started moaning and saying she was dyeing. She told me her chest was hurting and she kept crying and praying out loud so I called the ambulance. By the time they got there she wasn't moaning, crying, or even responding. They took her to UT hospital where they said she had an artery that was 100% blocked and did a splint.

I've never dealt with something like that. It was actually pretty scary because I hate seeing her in a weak position (like with oxygen or anything).. She's always been so strong through everything and it made me feel protective when they had to open her shirt to put monitors on her...I know it's necessary but she was always so modest so it makes me feel bad.. And it's scary not knowing how she would react if she came to her 'right mind' while all the fireman and stuff were in her house..

And this may sound totally nuts, and is a different rant, but I hate when people mispronounce her name...In fact, it bothers me when people do her name but it doesn't really bother me with the kiddos...Because she's worked hard for her name to be a GOOD name! So firemen, ambulance guy, doctor, whoever you may be- Her name is IRENE not Ilene or any other weird variation. Her name is a beautiful name and I don't like people mispronouncing it because it's been with her through thick and thin. Gee. Irene Irene Irene, ok?!

Anyway, thought I would include a sweet picture of a good day when Orlando and Mammaw fell asleep on the couches.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I ran into someone yesterday that brought memories of my past and made me truly realize how lucky I am to have ended up where I am.
Yeah, some things may not be exactly how I would like them to be in my life right now (such as being separated from my best friend/husband) but I am proud for exactly who I have become and what I am working to achieve. So overall I would say I am pretty darn content.

I know judgments will come and go but I am NOT ashamed in the very slightest for having two sweet babies and a Mexican husband. (illegal or not!) In fact, I'm so proud of the family Jose and I have made together. I couldn't ask for a better life or anything more.. AND just because I have a family does not mean I can't continue and finish school, live in exotic places, and someday have the job of my dreams.
Anyway, with all these feelings running around I thought I would share a little of a self-exploration paper about my personal culture for my Cultural Anthropology class that I wrote this week:

In explaining my own culture, I would have to say it is southern with a lot of spice. I was born to a mother from the green valleys of East Tennessee and a father born and bred in the open-minded state of California. This made for an interesting combination of values and beliefs that they would find important to instill in their children. One thing I can be very proud of when taking a self-exploration journey of my culture is that I am very aware that I come from a very tolerant family who accepts others for their own eccentricities. I am the last of six children and we were all very lucky to each have our own artistic talents which promised to always keep our family in the company of very diverse individuals. Whether this is based on culture, talents, religious beliefs, or even values, my culture is one that accepts. My culture is very tolerant. My culture loves others for who they are and does not attempt to change those individuals.

My culture that I was raised in and that has remained my own does not care about money. Being the last of six children, I grew up in a lot of hand-me-downs. It wasn’t until high school that I actually started liking clothing items that were different from what everyone else was wearing. It was around this time that I started to realize that my mother was right all along. “It isn’t what someone is wearing that makes them who they are..It is what they are inside that really matters.” It was also around this time that I started dating and attempting to make life-long friendships. Thankfully, with my own growth, I tried to pick individuals for both of these categories that had characteristics that I really and truly loved. Looking back, I also think I was in a mad attempt to pick and fix individuals who were lacking in some emotional or financial category. Though I made many of mistakes in those years, I can look back and see that my intentions really were clean and based on a very non-judgmental perspective. This cultural characteristic of being a non-admirer of material wealth really has protected me from quite a bit the last couple years and even led me into some of the best relationships I could ever ask for.

The culture that makes me who I am remains beautiful and exceptional. I love where I came from and who I have become through self-exploration. I love that growing up I would eat beans and cornbread with my ‘Mammaw’ every Tuesday night but our foreign exchange student from Korea would be there eating with us. I love that my culture is so unique because it is full of men who open doors for women and children who are taught that they should say ‘Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am’. I love that the tolerance I was taught as a child brought me to the place I am today with a wonderful Mexican husband who has a very exciting culture of his own. I love that my culture is so giving and the giving process is so anti-boastful. I love who I have become because of the very culture in which I was raised.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on Case!

Senator Alexander received an answer today to an inquiry sent on the 12th to USCIS. This is what it said:

"The case was received by CDJ on November 5, 2010. Additional evidence was received January 2011. The case was flagged to show that your congressman is interested in this case in February 2011. The case is still pending with CDJ. The current processing time is 8 months from the date of receipt."

8 months would make July.

So hopefully I'll have my husband back by this summer!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snowball Bush

So my Mammaw's interest (and nearly all conversation) the last couple days has centered around this snowball bush in her yard. It has beautiful big blooms and she keeps saying she wants me to get a 'cutting' off of it but she thinks we have to wait until it stops blooming to do it. She may not know if it's December or April, who I am, who she is, where she is, or even how old she is but she does, however, remember her flowers.

I thought I would look more into this snowball bush thing as it would actually be pretty special to take a 'cutting' and plant it somewhere where it could bloom and grow.


These snowballs really are beautiful..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extra pair of helping hands

8PM- Lando is attempting to lead me on a doggy-walk by the drawstring on my pajama shorts and I look over to discover my 1-year old is standing at full height inside the Tupperware cabinet. Haha.

It's times like this that I'm wishing Chucho were there to lend an extra pair of hands. (Oh, and a brain since I seem to be losing mine.)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Case sent to D.C.

Wednesday after seeing Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr.'s support on the recent immigration issue for the lady/children who are previously citizens of Moldova (see 'Help from Politicians?' post), I contacted Congressman Duncan again and requested a congressional inquiry be sent. I was informed he would not write anything to show any support in passage but she would send an inquiry that day. Today she received a response. Once again, pretty quick for Immigration services!

"...It was indicated the paperwork had been forwarded to Immigration and Naturalization headquarters in Washington DC for a final decision.
..I spoke with INS , Washington and was told that once the receive date is established in Mexico it normally is taking from 8 months to one year for a decision..."

Pat Thompson

Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. (Tn 2)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turtle Sandbox

Today was a wonderful day!

Aunt Jenni and Jean-Marc bought a Turtle sandbox for Orlando for his birthday a couple weeks ago.

Lando, Lady Goo-Goo, and I played in the sand all day. Well...Lando played and Lady tried to eat it by the handfuls. Ha! But it was BEAUTIFUL outside and we had tons of fun!

Mammaw even came out for 2-3 hours. She couldn't understand why we were outside (which presented some interesting conversation) but it was wonderful just to have her outside with us.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Help from Politicians?

So while watching WATE 6 Evening News I was very surprised to see a story that was on a lady who had apparantly received un-fathomable help from Congressman Duncan in reference to the lack of care taken by immigration on her childrens' applications for residency.


The gentleman relaying the story states that her waiting issue was handled and solved within four hours after reaching Duncan who apparently handles the same types of issues all the time. Wow. It's wonderful that they can have such an influential politician speak up for them as before they were merely like the rest of us going through tons of immigration stuff..Four hours. That's hard to even imagine something going that fast with USCIS.

With us, Senator Alexander has been more than helpful through all this....I did speak to the immigration representative in his office yesterday when she called to inform me that she sent another Congressional Inquiry yesterday morning for our I-601 backlog. She did state that the response should hopefully include how much longer we have to wait for an answer and more on the Pending Status. I can not even express how thankful I am for the Senator's great support!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Conversation of the day

Mammaw:Where's your husband? Did he kick you out?
Me:No. He's in Mexico. He has to stay until the government tells him he can come back. We're trying to get him residency.
Mammaw: Our government wouldn't do that. Take a man and separate him from his children... I've never heard of them doing something like that.
Me:Yeah, it didn't used to be like that.
Mammaw:Why would they do that...? Mexico is part of the United States.
Me: New Mexico is part of the United States. He's in old Mexico. The country.
Mammaw: Well let me tell you...You'll be lucky if he comes back. He needs to be up here taking care of his children. Where is he?
Me:Mexico. The government wants him to stay there until they look through some papers.
Mammaw:Humph! You don't even have a husband.

Bless her heart.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Biggest Dream

If there is one thing I would tell people coming out of high school-go to school before you have kids!!
As I have to wait until the kids are sleeping to do school work, it really makes things difficult. I keep thinking if I try in the daytime they’ll get used to it but it seems like there’s constantly something needing Mami’s attention.
I know it will be worth the struggle in the long run so maybe the real solution to this stress overload when dealing with homework deadlines is just sitting back and re-visiting the bigger dreams that will be more attainable when I have a degree..So here goes..
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to someday have some land and start/direct a camp for children who are abused/neglected. I want to hire a psychologist and art therapist. Also provided at the camp would be horseback riding lessons, lessons to learn possible work traits (roofing, construction,etc), and instrumental classes. Since I’ve wanted to have this camp for so long, I really think that it’s something I need to keep pushing for rather than seeing it as unobtainable. I want to help change the future possibilities for all these kids out there that have had a rough start and may not have a support group that every child deserves. But let’s face it…as of right now I don’t have the knowledge to even know where to begin to fulfill such a dream…Much less know how to fill out papers for government funding grants or even all the disclosures needed to protect such a program when dealing with high-risk children.
Sooo…time to write my essay for Cultural Anthropology..In other words-Time to push through..Time to keep moving forward..
One day I want to say I feel truly successful and have somehow overcame all the stumbling blocks that could have possibly kept me from any true calling or positive impact I could have on others in the same situation..
Guess it’s time to start on that homework……

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, normally I'm not too partial to Gretchen Wilson songs...However, I heard her new song on the radio the other day and I have to say I was impressed..

It's called 'I'd love to be your last'. I love this part--

"When I wake up tomorrow I'm gonna wrap my arms around you
And thank my lucky stars I found you
Cause I know your heart has so much more than anyone has
Touched before, and nothing matter more to me than that" - Gretchen Wilson

This is one of those times when I am so thankful to say I can enjoy all different genres of music. (prime example for all you country music haters!) :) Yeahh, it's sappy but I suppose we all could use some sappiness every now and then!

I do like country music lyrics..normally classic but dang!- Gretchen really stepped up this time!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Since we are leaving in a couple weeks and Orlando and Dyana will both have their birthdays within the next month or so, Chucho and I decided to throw them a little party here before we head out. However, getting ready for the party was a bigger fiasco then I had ever imagined. But a FUN fiasco! Haha. Chucho made a trip to the city(3.5 hours one way) to get the cakes and other items this morning. Then we spent awhile blowing up balloons and tying them with twine to hang all over the house. (And by me I mean-Chucho) And all the while the neighbor lady and my mother-in-law were busy in the ‘kitchen’ making Tamales..

I know it may sound nuts but the biggest adventure for me in the whole preparation was actually inviting the people. With Chucho gone to go purchase the Tres Leche Cakes, the inviting was left up to me. With Dyana in tow, I grudgingly walked out the front door with my 11 year old sister-in-law who promised her maternal supervisors to make sure the inviting process went smoothly. Following Lupita and the neighbor boys, Pancho and Boti, I gathered what little courage I had left and went to the houses that their fingers pointed to, with a sole purpose to invite people. And that’s what I did! And I can’t even believe how accomplished I felt!! It seriously takes a lot to walk around a town in another country, invite random people to a party for your American children (who most likely are lucky enough to have a lot more than the guests), and all the while maintain composure while doing exactly as 11-year-olds tell you to. Ha! What a task!!

Anyway, the party was wonderful. TONS of people came. We made over 200 jello cups for the kids, over 200 Mole Pork Tamales, around 50 Pineapple Tamales for the kids, and some lovely hot chocolate. Normally the highlight of a birthday in the US (I know for me) is opening the presents..However, after eating all the tamales and cake (that female hispanics expect to maintain normal intake) it is impossible to think of such things.. And I think that’s perfect. In fact, I think I’ll have Tres Leche cake for breakfast too!!

However, I am left to wonder…Is it common knowledge that birthdays in other countries are so extremely different? Or is such knowledge only able to truly be understood after being in the midst of all the menial preparation tasks? I mean, I always knew festivities and celebrations were different but I never thought of the little things when dealing with preparation..Such as-jello instead of ice cream. (As only the lucky few have refrigerators)..This is just a small difference though in comparison to the rest of the party. I suppose what really matters is the babies had fun, all the kids in town who came had fun, all the parents had fun, and everyone goes home with a VERY full stomach. Seriously, what more could a person ask for in a birthday party?!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

People on the Bus go Up and Down!

So Monday we left Zacatlan and got on a school bus to go to Chucho's town. Yes. A School Bus. With it being packed full of people we were lucky enough to get the seats all the way in the back. HA! All you teenagers who love the backseat of a school bus--wait till you ride on one in Mexico on the edges of cliffs for 3 hours! Not to mention being scared to death, I was barely able to keep the baby from flying out of my arms while the bus rocked back and forth and nearly went over cliffs for hours!

Oh..And the random altars on the side of the rode for the unfortunant few who previously had plummeted down the hillside was NOT any consolation.. Anyway…Apparently your bum doesn't hurt as much if you are lucky enough to get a seat in the front.
(To be honest, I’ve never been in such close proximity with so many people. This public transportation stuff is a totally different world.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Traveling Toddler

Oh, and by the way to any of you parents out there thinking of traveling with a toddler...Don't bother googling tips on such an adventure. It's a lot of useless rambling.
For example (this is my favorite) -http://www.squidoo.com/toddlertravel
Check out Tip Number 9-"Be wary of drugs-Your kid may get hyper."
Wow. All I can say....Wow.
Or number 13-"Ask for help but don't expect babysitting."
Once again....Wow. WHO is going to ask some random person for so much help (if any help at all) that it would constitute as babysitting. I would rather pull my own, no matter how hard, than have some random person handling my child. This should be against any mother's internal instincts. Geez Louise.

And I stand to reason.....Don't waste your time reading tips on traveling with toddlers...Unless you need some free entertainment once your little one has gone to sleep at night..Then it's worth your time for sure.
Not to the hometown yet so quite a trip ahead of us tomorrow.

I would walk 500 Miles

Walk 500 miles? Seriously. This is what riding in a plane ride 2000 miles with two babies feels like..Ha. Today was a long day! We flew out of Charlotte at 7AM and arrived in Mexico City this afternoon to see Chucho at the airport!! Orlando surprisingly took it pretty well and went to him and even cried when we had to leave him behind to go change a diaper..Separation anxiety...(?)
After riding 7 hours on a plane with the babies we took a taxi to the bus station and rode on the bus for almost 4 hours to get to Zacatlan de las Manzanas. (BEAUTIFUL btw) I wouldn't want to live here but it's definitely a fun place to visit. Lots of buildings close together and tons of people.
I suppose I'm not quite used to the Mexico motels...A little scared right now that the window to outside doesn't close and there's a walk-around balcony.
Hoping and praying we are safe and all continues to go well!
(One more day of travel to get to his hometown)

So happy we are all together. This is the way it's meant to be! 500 miles..No, a little more. But definitely worth the trouble..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

No ifs, ands, or buts

I have officially completed,professionally assembled, and mailed in the additional evidence packet for Chucho's case!

I feel nervous..No, I'm anxious!

My mind is running rampant with What ifs?.. What if the packet gets lost in the mail? What if I forgot to include one important letter? What if I wrote his case number wrong on the front? What if, What if, What if? (And obviously there's too many to even continue past the arrival of the documents..There's a million that just include the mailing process.)

Geez. I sure will be glad when he's back and all the paperwork is completed.

However, it is a comfort to know I'm not alone as there are thousands of others in our situation with the immigration process..Thousands (TO THINK!) who are also anxiously awaiting the return of a loved one and the relief that comes at the end of the journey and re-unification...and definitely not alone as I'm sure every single one of us spouse petitioners is anxiously awaiting the end of the immigration-related ifs, ands, or buts.

I suppose at the end of the day all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best...Here goes....

(Goodbye ifs,ands,buts and HELLO bright possibilities!)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Beginning

2010. What a crazy, exciting, adventurous year. Just to recap- Chucho and I began the year in a new place, Oklahoma! After months of nagging from Joe, my brother, we decided to pack up the baby, ourselves, and a little belongings and make the journey from Washington down to Okie. As we all knew Chucho would soon need to return to Mexico for awhile, this would enable Joe, April, and all the kiddos to spend time with us as we had no idea what the future would hold with the immigration papers. Re-location seemed inevitable anyway so why not use our time wisely?!