Thursday, May 26, 2011


Peace- Freedom from disturbance; Tranquility.

People are always talking about world peace and it always seems to go along with conversation related to war. I've just been thinking that to me it seems as though the anwser is that if we really and truly hate drama and hate conflict and hate negative emotions so much then maybe peace is just reaching a sense of acceptance inside ourselves.
Like, it starts on the individual level.

Acceptance that sometimes things are going to not go the way we desire.
Acceptance that sometimes we are not going to get what we know we deserve as equal humans to everyone else.
Acceptance that no matter how hard most of us work, we will always have someone more successful, more powerful, more attractive, or smarter than us.

Anyway, just my thoughts as obviously my life is not going as I would choose for it to but hey THAT'S LIFE! And I would LOVE to have some things be different then they currently are but I'm doing all I can do to help make sure that happens and that's all I can do!
My mama always said "Just do your best and that's all I can expect of you" And I think that's all we can expect of ourselves. And everything else we just have to accept and hand over to a higher power. And then we can really feel peace.

Anyway, just my thoughts this past week...

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