Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm trying to think positive. Actually, to be completely honest,I'm not thinking positive... I've tried to not even think about the decision at all and just go on about my daily business. Because no matter what the anwser is that's what I'll have to deal with...So um, no, I'm not thinking positive...And I'm not thinking negative...I'm not thinking Nada.

So I'm listening to 'Someday' by Tegan and Sara and not thinking about it..Except a little. Haha. And I've felt a little today like I want to do something totally out of norm like cut all my hair off, dye it a weird color, or get a random/weird tatt or something totally odd and unexpected....Something that a couple years ago would have been expected because it was so unexpected. Make sense?

Anyway...Waiting today for the mail to come...Camped out on the couch watching for the mailman for over an hour..I wouldn't dare even expect him until 2 at least because if it's not Friday then he's not super-excited to do his work, I suppose, and shows up pretty darn late. So I waited and waited and then barely managed to slip the sandals on before running to the box only to discover letter after letter after letter to my uncle.

So that was today. Good day. Oh and then Ashley-bob came over tonight-that made it much much better. :) Nothing like a good friend around to listen/listen to. Real true good friends are just un-comparable.

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