Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Instruction Letter

So Monday afternoon we received the approval in the mail. Now we have to wait for another letter with instructions on what Chucho needs to do. I called the 703 and 202 Visa phone numbers to check on the status today though and the 703 since the approval is in their system that the instruction letter should be on the way.
He also said that all he needs to do is head to CDJ and re-do his medical and after receiving the results-send them in with his passport, and instruction letter via DHL. After sending it in all there is to do is wait for the VISA to arrive in the mail.

So all that's holding us up from moving forward is waiting for the instruction letter. I did see on a CDJ discussion forum where some women had just went to the consulate information window and requested a new one be printed out rather than wait for it...I'm just afraid we would send him up there though and they would say they couldn't do it..

So now we're waiting for the instruction letter and then he can head up to the border!


  1. This will give his family time to plan a huge going away party for him!!

  2. Yeah, I don't know if they're up for it. His sister lives with them and has a baby due anytime. But it gives me time to prepare! I gotta get my hair done and brows waxes ;)