Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Instruction Letter

So Monday afternoon we received the approval in the mail. Now we have to wait for another letter with instructions on what Chucho needs to do. I called the 703 and 202 Visa phone numbers to check on the status today though and the 703 since the approval is in their system that the instruction letter should be on the way.
He also said that all he needs to do is head to CDJ and re-do his medical and after receiving the results-send them in with his passport, and instruction letter via DHL. After sending it in all there is to do is wait for the VISA to arrive in the mail.

So all that's holding us up from moving forward is waiting for the instruction letter. I did see on a CDJ discussion forum where some women had just went to the consulate information window and requested a new one be printed out rather than wait for it...I'm just afraid we would send him up there though and they would say they couldn't do it..

So now we're waiting for the instruction letter and then he can head up to the border!

Monday, June 6, 2011



It seems unreal. I contacted the Senator since I hadn't received the approval yet in the mail and in turn she contacted D.C. where they confirmed that 'yes, we are in fact approved'!!

Now I feel like we can start to live life like a family should!
I am so happy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm trying to think positive. Actually, to be completely honest,I'm not thinking positive... I've tried to not even think about the decision at all and just go on about my daily business. Because no matter what the anwser is that's what I'll have to deal with...So um, no, I'm not thinking positive...And I'm not thinking negative...I'm not thinking Nada.

So I'm listening to 'Someday' by Tegan and Sara and not thinking about it..Except a little. Haha. And I've felt a little today like I want to do something totally out of norm like cut all my hair off, dye it a weird color, or get a random/weird tatt or something totally odd and unexpected....Something that a couple years ago would have been expected because it was so unexpected. Make sense?

Anyway...Waiting today for the mail to come...Camped out on the couch watching for the mailman for over an hour..I wouldn't dare even expect him until 2 at least because if it's not Friday then he's not super-excited to do his work, I suppose, and shows up pretty darn late. So I waited and waited and then barely managed to slip the sandals on before running to the box only to discover letter after letter after letter to my uncle.

So that was today. Good day. Oh and then Ashley-bob came over tonight-that made it much much better. :) Nothing like a good friend around to listen/listen to. Real true good friends are just un-comparable.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Songs to people

I know this sounds crazy but...

There's some songs that just go with certain people. And when I see those people those certain songs play in my head.

A couple songs off the top of my head that play to some people that I see sometimes:

Dig by Incubus
Maps by Yeah yeah yeahs

Does everyone else have songs in their head that go to certain people????????


Today I talked to the lady who works for Senator Alexander and she said she had received an email from Immigration stating that an anwser had been made on Chucho's case on Wednesday, April 25th.
I'm anxious!

IF he gets approved it is possible he could be back within the month.
IF he doesn't get approved,however, we've decided to appeal in which case he could be backlogged again and there is the possibility of it taking another 2 years or so..What a mess!

Hope it comes today!

I have called both the 202 and 703 numbers yesterday and today and they still say pending so obviously my letter will come before they will give me an anwser..

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Peace- Freedom from disturbance; Tranquility.

People are always talking about world peace and it always seems to go along with conversation related to war. I've just been thinking that to me it seems as though the anwser is that if we really and truly hate drama and hate conflict and hate negative emotions so much then maybe peace is just reaching a sense of acceptance inside ourselves.
Like, it starts on the individual level.

Acceptance that sometimes things are going to not go the way we desire.
Acceptance that sometimes we are not going to get what we know we deserve as equal humans to everyone else.
Acceptance that no matter how hard most of us work, we will always have someone more successful, more powerful, more attractive, or smarter than us.

Anyway, just my thoughts as obviously my life is not going as I would choose for it to but hey THAT'S LIFE! And I would LOVE to have some things be different then they currently are but I'm doing all I can do to help make sure that happens and that's all I can do!
My mama always said "Just do your best and that's all I can expect of you" And I think that's all we can expect of ourselves. And everything else we just have to accept and hand over to a higher power. And then we can really feel peace.

Anyway, just my thoughts this past week...

Monday, May 16, 2011


10 minutes after I left from visiting Mammaw at the nursing home today, we got a call saying she had been trying to get out of the wheelchair and fell over with it. She managed to come out with some bruises but thankfully no internal problems. We brought her home after that. She is so happy to be back. In her words-"I am just so blessed. I didn't think I would ever get to come home. I am so blessed to have children and grandchildren that love me."


Couldn't help but be a little frustrated as the home (like our local schools as my sister pointed out) is under-staffed and over-populated. Just glad she's home now!!