Wednesday, February 16, 2011

People on the Bus go Up and Down!

So Monday we left Zacatlan and got on a school bus to go to Chucho's town. Yes. A School Bus. With it being packed full of people we were lucky enough to get the seats all the way in the back. HA! All you teenagers who love the backseat of a school bus--wait till you ride on one in Mexico on the edges of cliffs for 3 hours! Not to mention being scared to death, I was barely able to keep the baby from flying out of my arms while the bus rocked back and forth and nearly went over cliffs for hours!

Oh..And the random altars on the side of the rode for the unfortunant few who previously had plummeted down the hillside was NOT any consolation.. Anyway…Apparently your bum doesn't hurt as much if you are lucky enough to get a seat in the front.
(To be honest, I’ve never been in such close proximity with so many people. This public transportation stuff is a totally different world.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Traveling Toddler

Oh, and by the way to any of you parents out there thinking of traveling with a toddler...Don't bother googling tips on such an adventure. It's a lot of useless rambling.
For example (this is my favorite) -
Check out Tip Number 9-"Be wary of drugs-Your kid may get hyper."
Wow. All I can say....Wow.
Or number 13-"Ask for help but don't expect babysitting."
Once again....Wow. WHO is going to ask some random person for so much help (if any help at all) that it would constitute as babysitting. I would rather pull my own, no matter how hard, than have some random person handling my child. This should be against any mother's internal instincts. Geez Louise.

And I stand to reason.....Don't waste your time reading tips on traveling with toddlers...Unless you need some free entertainment once your little one has gone to sleep at night..Then it's worth your time for sure.
Not to the hometown yet so quite a trip ahead of us tomorrow.

I would walk 500 Miles

Walk 500 miles? Seriously. This is what riding in a plane ride 2000 miles with two babies feels like..Ha. Today was a long day! We flew out of Charlotte at 7AM and arrived in Mexico City this afternoon to see Chucho at the airport!! Orlando surprisingly took it pretty well and went to him and even cried when we had to leave him behind to go change a diaper..Separation anxiety...(?)
After riding 7 hours on a plane with the babies we took a taxi to the bus station and rode on the bus for almost 4 hours to get to Zacatlan de las Manzanas. (BEAUTIFUL btw) I wouldn't want to live here but it's definitely a fun place to visit. Lots of buildings close together and tons of people.
I suppose I'm not quite used to the Mexico motels...A little scared right now that the window to outside doesn't close and there's a walk-around balcony.
Hoping and praying we are safe and all continues to go well!
(One more day of travel to get to his hometown)

So happy we are all together. This is the way it's meant to be! 500 miles..No, a little more. But definitely worth the trouble..